Sample Menu

The harmony of nature, our producers and Max’ creativity shape our menu. This means you get the thrill of a surprise, and we spare you the agony of choice.

Sakizuke – Amuse bouche

Martin’s Tomatoes with Eggplant & Basil

Freshwater Eel with Palatinate Melon and Radish

Beef with Fennel & Whey

Dominik’s Salmon Trout with Bell Pepper and Quinoa

Légumes de l´été – Summer Vegetables

Sebastians Lamb from Bärenbrunnerhof, Sage & Oyster Mushrooms

Cheese matured by Hanns Stähle

Strawberry, Elderflower & Sorrel

Mizumono – Petit four


The menu takes about 4 hours.
The menu listed above is just an example and can vary daily.